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Submarine cable engineering

Electric & Telecom submarine cable engineering

  • Domestic & overseas submarine cable laying business consulting & installation with highly qualified marine engineer and advanced field experience and skills.
  • Successful project achievement for more than 100Km electric submarine cable installation between Korea mainland and Jeju island.

Submarine cable installation

Submarine cable installation
  • Electric & Telecom submarine cable inter-connection for mainland-to-islands, continental-to continental.
  • Submarine cable/pipe laying from mainland to offshore oil plant rig as well as wind farm site.
Cable protection burial
  • Laying the submarine cable at the planned route with cable engine or drum controller on the cable laying vessel
Cable protection burial
  • Submarine cable laying & burial with cable laying vessel, ROV, cable laying engine and other offshore heavy marine facilities.

Submarine cable protection

Submarine cable protection
  • Cable protection installation against ship mooing anchor hitting, sea bottom dredging typed fishing net and any artificial & natural disaster.
  • On going for power feeding cable Rock Berm protection between Korea main land to Jeju Island (more than 100Km distance, maximum water depth 160m) that the rocks and stones designed to keep their position under the condition of much strong current and any possible damages.

Cable laying procedure

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