Our Business

Renewable green energy

R&D for renewable energy

Research & Development for light wind power plant
  • Investigate intelligent power management system for small/medium sized wind power plant and developing renewable green energy
Installation for renewable energy facilities
  • Holds high technology for offshore wind farm submarine cable laying
  • Aggressively invest for solar energy and tidal power plant
Under way for 1 KW wind power generator efficiency test (Jeju Island)
  • R&D for 1 KW/2KW wind power generators as a government renewable green energy incubating R&D program
Offshore wind farm development business

  • Land based wind farm generation construction is faced with the limitation because of unsuitable wind and other natural envirnment, strong civil grievance and other artificial condition.
  • But government invest the wind farm business and we aggressively challenge its business with highly developed submarine cable installation field technology and diverse experiences
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