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Our Business

Offshore Business

PIPELINE Installation, Habour work

PIPELINE Installation

Habour work


  • · Domestic & Overseas submarine cable laying business consulting & installation with highly qualified marine engineer and advanced field experience and skills.
  • · Successful project achievement for more than 100km electric submarine cable installation between Korea mainland and Jeju island.

Submarine cable installation

  • · Electric & Telecom submarine cable inter-connection for mainland-to-islands, continental-to continental.
  • · Submarine cable/pipe laying from mainland to offshore oil plant rid as well as wind farm site.

Submarine cable landing

Submarine cable laying

Cable protection burial

  • · Submarine cable laying & burial with cable laying vessel, ROV, cable laying engine and other offshore heavy marine facilities.

Submarine cable protection

  • · Cable protection installation against ship mooring anchor hitting, sea bottom dredging typed fishing net and any artificial & natural disaster.

Rockberm installation

W-Mattress installation

Stone bag Installation


Salvage work

  • · Vessel salvage
  • · Residual oil check and recovery